Child Airin Blog theme

Child Airin Blog theme

You can download the Airin Blog child theme here:

for Free theme – (DOWNLOAD)

for Premium theme – (DOWNLOAD)

Why do you need a child theme?

A child theme is required to properly modify the code in your WordPress theme.

If you make changes to the mother theme, all your changes will be overwritten after the update.

To avoid losing your changes to the theme, you need to make changes to the child theme.

Most often when this may be needed

  • Lots of theme styling changes
  • Changing functions using WordPress filters
  • Theme settings are not enough for you and you want to add your own features

If you need to add a small edit to the theme styles, we recommend using the special section in the theme settings – WordPress control panel – Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS

How to enable a child theme

  1. Download the child theme
  2. Install a theme – Don’t know how? Read – How to install a WordPress theme
  3. Activate the theme

All functionality of the mother theme will continue to work, and any changes you made to the child theme code will not be overwritten after updates.

Settings for mother and child themes work separately.