List of hooks for Airin Blog theme

List of hooks for Airin Blog theme

For use, read – What are hooks and how to use them


Before the closing tag HEAD wp_head
Before the closing tag BODY wp_footer
Before the closing tag FOOTER airinblog_hook_after_footer

Top menu

Before top menu airinblog_hook_before_topmenu
After top menu airinblog_hook_after_topmenu

Main menu

Before the main menu airinblog_hook_before_mainmenu
After the main menu airinblog_hook_after_mainmenu

Wide slider

After Wide slider airinblog_hook_after_widthslider


At the top of the footer airinblog_hook_before_footer
Before bottom menu airinblog_hook_before_menu_footer


Before the big slider on the main page airinblog_hook_before_main_slidebig
Before the section – 5 blocks on the main airinblog_hook_before_main_five_grid
Before the section – narrow blocks on the main airinblog_hook_before_main_narrow_grid
Before the section – 3 blocks on the main airinblog_hook_before_main_three_grid
Before the section – vertical blocks on the main airinblog_hook_before_main_vertical_grid
Before – partial slider on the home page airinblog_hook_before_main_slide_partial
Before – triple slider on home page airinblog_hook_before_main_slide_three
Before – double slider on home page airinblog_hook_before_main_slide_two
Before the articles section on the main page airinblog_hook_before_main_article
After the articles section on the main airinblog_hook_after_main_article


Before breadcrumbs airinblog_hook_before_breadcrumbs


Before the list of articles in the rubric section airinblog_hook_before_article
After the list of articles in the rubric section airinblog_hook_after_article


Before the main image in posts airinblog_hook_before_post_thumb
Before the title inside the post airinblog_hook_before_post_title
Before Meta Data inside the post airinblog_hook_before_post_meta
Before content inside the post airinblog_hook_before_post_content
Before the author’s block inside the post airinblog_hook_before_post_bio
Before the block – next post airinblog_hook_before_post_next
Before the block – related posts airinblog_hook_before_post_related
Before the block – comments inside the post airinblog_hook_before_post_comments
At the end of the post airinblog_hook_after_post


Before the main image on the pages airinblog_hook_before_page_thumb
Above the heading inside the page airinblog_hook_before_page_title
After the Header inside the page airinblog_hook_after_page_title
At the end of the page airinblog_hook_after_page

WooCommerce – Product Categories

Before searching for products pre_get_product_search_form
Above the product grid woocommerce_archive_description
After the product grid woocommerce_after_shop_loop

WooCommerce – Product page

At the top of the product page woocommerce_before_single_product
After the title on the product page woocommerce_single_product_summary
After the price on the product page woocommerce_single_product_summary
At the bottom of the product data on the product page woocommerce_product_meta_end
Above similar products on the product page woocommerce_after_single_product_summary
At the end of the product page woocommerce_after_single_product

WooCommerce – Cart Page

Above the list of products on the shopping cart page woocommerce_before_cart
After the list of products on the cart page woocommerce_after_cart_table
At the bottom of the cart page woocommerce_after_cart

WooCommerce – Order page

Under the heading on the order page woocommerce_before_checkout_form
After the order details on the order page woocommerce_checkout_after_customer_details
At the end of the order page woocommerce_after_checkout_form

WooCommerce – Page – order accepted

Above the order information on the page – the order is accepted woocommerce_thankyou
After the information about the order on the page – the order is accepted woocommerce_order_details_after_order_table
At the end of the page – order accepted woocommerce_thankyou

WooCommerce – Personal Area

Top of the personal account woocommerce_account_content
At the bottom of the dashboard tab in the personal account woocommerce_account_dashboard
At the bottom of your account woocommerce_account_content


Before the title on the bbPress pages airinblog_hook_before_bbpress_title
After the title in the bbPress pages airinblog_hook_after_bbpress_title
At the bottom of the bbPress page airinblog_hook_after_bbpress