WordPress Theme

Airin Blog

Premium version

Responsive and fast theme for blogs and article sites
  • Powerful functionality
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Lots of settings

Powerful Functionality

Social Link Builder

  • Flexible customization with a choice of shape and style
  • Select background and color settings
  • Various animation choices
  • Icon positions are swapped

Header With Logo

  • Flexible customization of logo and site header
  • Vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Center alignment
  • Custom font settings, size for title and description

Home Page Builder

  • 8 block design options (4 of them are sliders)
  • The blocks themselves can be repeated, which means they can be created endlessly
  • Positions of the blocks are swapped, and the blocks themselves are flexibly configured

Premium Features

Large Set of Sliders

  • Wide ribbon slider under the site header
  • 4 options for sections with sliders on the main page
  • Sidebar widget with recent posts slider

Lots of Element Settings

Endless possibilities for creating a unique website and huge potential for individuality

Common Image Format 16x9

Universal photo size allows you to create a unified style for your website and publications

Optimal Image Slicing

Pictures are cut to fit the image grid, which facilitates fast loading

Flexibility and Versatility

Four Locations for Menu

  • Main menu (Mega menu)
  • Menu in the top bar
  • Menu in the footer
  • Menu widget

Mega Menu

  • Powerful main menu designed as lists
  • Setting the menu (horizon) to the full width of the screen
  • Sticky menu feature

Three Pagination Options

  • Back and next
  • Digital pagination
  • Show more (button)

Flexible Sidebar Orientation

  • Right or left sidebar
  • No sidebar (width of site)
  • Full screen width

Premium Features

Additional Widgets

  • Two author widgets
  • Two widgets for recent posts
  • Widget with slider
  • Widget with banner
  • Widget with links

Separate Sidebars for Woo and bbPress

You can place individual widgets such as store filters, products, login forms, forum posts

Speed and Adaptability

Nothing Extra

Decide for yourself which modules will work

You can completely disable any module in the theme

You can disable parts of the theme entirely

Correct Scripts

Minimum scripts for modules to work

Scripts are connected and loaded only if used

No Frameworks

The theme is made in pure WordPress and is fully compatible with the WordPress API


The theme is well adapted for mobile devices

Good adaptation to popular plugins

Lots of Customization Options

Powerful Typography

Changing fonts, text size, and line height

Color Typography of Posts and Pages

Headings, quotes, bulleted and numbered lists are individually customizable

Modularity and Flexibility

Many modules can be flexibly configured or completely disabled

Flexible Color Customization

Most of the elements have their own color settings. You can customize almost everything

Ready-Made Color Schemes

You can apply a ready-made color scheme in one click

Premium Features

Reset Theme Settings and Apply Presets

Reset theme settings using the selected color scheme and certain presets

Additional List of Functions

  • Ticker in the top bar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Settings for basic widgets
  • Up button with customization options
  • Site Map page template (HTML)
  • Post view counter
  • Displaying post reading time
  • Author block with the ability to display the author’s latest posts
  • Block of similar posts

Lots of Hooks


Premium Feature

We have made many windows for inserting codes on the settings page

  • More than 30 places throughout the theme
  • And over 20 more places for WooCommerce
  • And also some hooks for bbPress

You can place your code almost anywhere

These can be advertising banners, announcements, text, design elements

There are also inserts for counters in the HEAD, BODY, and FOOTER sections

SEO optimization

The correct order of headings H1-H6

Only one H1 heading per page

Correct semantic HTML markup

Get Started Quickly

Premium Feature

Ready-made presets and color schemes

Apply color schemes and presets in a couple of clicks directly in the visual editor settings

Premium Feature

Full demo versions of sites

Fully customized themed demos with photos. Import in one click.

Plugins Adaptation


Additional settings

Separate sidebar

Styles adapted


Additional settings

Separate sidebar

Styles adapted

The Events Calendar

Additional settings

Design bug fixes


The theme is technically adapted for Elementor


The theme is technically adapted for WPML


The theme is technically adapted for Jetpack

Comparison of Versions

Available features Free Premium
Powerful typography
Modularity and flexibility
WordPress visual customizer support
Flexible heading customization with logo
Flexible sidebar orientation
Three pagination options
Four menu locations
Main menu (Megamenu)
Social link builder in the site header
Plugins adapting (WooCommerce, bbPress, The Events Calendar, Elementor, WPML, Jetpack)
Home page builder
Wide slider
More fonts to choose from
Powerful color settings
Ready-made color schemes
Reset theme settings and activate presets
Full demo versions of sites
Lots of hooks (windows for inserting codes)
Additional widgets
Separate sidebars for WooCommerce and bbPress
Expanded plugins adapting (WooCommerce, bbPress, The Events Calendar)

Buy Premium Today

When you purchase the premium version, you get 1 year of updates and theme support

After the premium subscription period ends, the theme will continue to work

1 site: 29$

3 sites: 72$

10 sites: 199$


Yes, the Airin Blog theme is a fully functional free version with extensive functionality. The premium version includes additional functionality and technical support.

After the 1 year period ends, the theme will continue to work, but you will no longer receive updates and technical support. To update the theme in the future, simply pay for the premium subscription again at any time.

Theme settings work through the WordPress visual customizer and are logically and conveniently placed. Markers have been added to the visual editor for quick and easy navigation to the required settings section.

All this makes it easy to navigate when setting up a website, without any technical knowledge.

System requirements: WordPress 6.0 and more, PHP 7.1 and more