Import in one click full demo versions of sites

Import in one click full demo versions of sites

Import in one click, full-fledged thematic demo versions with content and photos

To import demo versions, we use the “One Click Demo Import” plugin, which can be downloaded from the WordPress repository

  1. Install the plugin “One Click Demo Import”
  2. Go to the section “Appearance”, next “Import Demo Data”
  3. Select your preferred section and design version


Your theme must support demo data, then when you activate the “One Click Demo Import” plugin, cards like this will appear

Import in one click full demo versions of sites


Recommendations for importing demo data

Important! For correct operation, you need to install the demo version on a clean system.

If the theme applied settings and used content

  1. Reset theme settings (read – how to reset theme settings)
  2. Remove content (optional)
  3. If you leave old content – Use the “Force Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin

What exactly does the plugin import

  • Content (posts and pages)
  • Theme Settings
  • Widgets

How do new data fit in with existing data on the site


When importing content, new content is simply added and old content is not removed.

Important! The import system does not have permission to delete your content!

The images in your old content may not look correct. To display pictures correctly, use the thumbnail regeneration plugin.

Theme settings:

When importing theme settings, the new settings are applied over the old ones, but only those settings that are imported.

This means your changes won’t be overwritten unnecessarily.

In this case, a problem may arise. New settings may look out of place with your old settings.

This is why if you have previously changed theme settings, it is best to reset the settings to default before importing.


Widgets are just like content, they are simply added to existing widgets and can be repeated if imported multiple times.